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Recruiter Helps Client Launch Treatment Center in Illinois

Mission Accomplished: How a Physician Recruiter Helped a Client Launch First-of-Its-Kind Treatment Center in a Major Midwestern City


An expanding addiction medicine treatment center proactively partnered with Jackson Physician Search to find the right physician to develop its new location.

Mission Accomplished: How a Physician Recruiter Helped a Client Launch First-of-Its-Kind Treatment Center in a Major Midwestern City

According to Mental Health America, approximately 1 in 12 adults in the US suffer from substance abuse disorder. Those seeking treatment for addiction and substance abuse disorder may be prescribed medications to ease withdrawal symptoms and curb cravings. These medications are helpful, but the founders of a new addiction treatment center in a major Midwestern city believe true recovery requires a more holistic approach to healing. After opening several successful addiction treatment centers in New York, they sought to bring their integrated approach to recovery to the Midwest.

The founders had the foresight to know they would need help recruiting the right Psychology physician leader who not only aligned with the experience they were looking for but more importantly, the philosophy they shared. The first-of-its-kind, outpatient facility would offer a variety of services including psychotherapy, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, vitamin therapies, and more. The service offering would be designed to not only fix an addiction problem but rather, heal the whole person through evidence-based treatments.

This resonated with Jackson Physician Search’s Divisional Vice President, Brent Barnacle. He felt the group’s mission aligned with the Jackson Physician Search approach to physician recruiting. Our recruiters are never simply filling a position, they are committed to finding a match to meet the needs of both the organization and the candidate, setting both up for long-term physician retention success. After several discussions with Brent, the founders also saw the synergy and agreed to partner with us in the search for a physician to help launch the program.

Overcoming Uncertainty to Find the Right Fit

When Brent first introduced the client to Vice President of Recruiting for the Midwest Division, Tara Osseck, the circumstances were certainly unusual: an under-construction, first-of-its-kind facility seeking a yet-to-be-defined role to help develop the program. Even though the job description existed only in theory, Tara was not intimidated. She eagerly started learning about the facility’s mission and unique approach to recovery, concluding that it would take someone special to develop the program the founders envisioned. From there, she began to conquer her first objective: creating a physician job description outlining the specific requirements and responsibilities of the position.

“Uncertainty is difficult to recruit to,” Tara says, “So I knew I needed to lay out a clear picture of what this role would entail. This took extensive research and long conversations with the client, but eventually, we had a job description.”

Although the founders initially wanted to hire a Medical Director, Tara thought the responsibilities and requirements they had for the position aligned more closely with that of a Clinical Director role. After consulting with Tara, they came to an agreement and moved forward to search for someone to develop the specifics of the program, such as the sort of therapies offered, the number and type of providers needed, the training required, etc. By answering these questions, the Clinical Director would help them get the doors open to patients in need. From there, the group could expand services.

A Mission Worth Joining

Dr. D saw Tara’s job description on PracticeLink and reached out to express her interest. The mission of the new facility and the opportunity for autonomy, highlighted in the job posting, strongly resonated with her. As a Primary Care physician, fellowship-trained, and boarded in Addiction Medicine, Dr. D was currently serving as Medical Director at an Addiction Recovery Center, working with an underserved patient population. She was also teaching as part of a local residency program. In Tara’s initial conversation with Dr. D, it was clear that her philosophy of treatment aligned with Tara’s client, she was passionate about treating the whole patient within the family and the community at large.

Already working in the area, Dr. D had the advantage of being able to quickly meet with the founders and even go to the construction site where the facility was being built. Her experience with designing and implementing an addiction recovery program was exactly what the new facility needed, but more importantly, her philosophy aligned with the group’s mission. Dr. D’s excitement about the new center was matched only by the founders themselves.

Clear Return on Investment (That Benefits the Community, Too!)

It’s rare for a recruiter to be asked to find a physician before a practice is up and running, and yet, through Tara’s consultation and effective recruitment strategies, she was able to develop the job description and find Dr. D in less than four months. This is certainly a testament to her commitment to understanding the market and knowing what it takes to find the right physician under any circumstances.

The bigger takeaway, however, is the importance of leveraging a recruitment partner early in the process. By connecting with Jackson Physician Search before the facility was open (or profitable), the client gained valuable advice on how the role should be structured, what type of candidates should be considered, and Tara became an extension of their team. With a clear vision of who the group needed, the team was able to place a physician who would help them develop the program and get the doors open sooner – thus, turning a profit sooner.

Of course, it’s about much more than a profit. The founders and staff remain laser-focused on the mission to serve the community and surrounding areas. Through community partnerships with rural health centers and other non-profit healthcare organizations, the facility will help so many people by offering services to patients who might not have any other treatment options.

If your organization needs a physician recruitment firm that will is dedicated to finding the perfect match, Jackson Physician Search is that partner. We will find excellent, qualified candidates whose mission aligns with yours. Contact us today to learn more.

Key Takeaways

  • Effective physician recruitment requires a strong partnership between the recruiting firm and the healthcare facility, ensuring a clear understanding of the organization’s mission and the specific requirements of the role.
  • Leveraging a recruitment partner early in the process provides the ability to receive feedback from the recruiter regarding ways to strengthen the opportunity and make the search more successful.

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