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Community-Centered Healthcare: Physician Recruiter Brings 13 Providers to Southern Oregon


When a primary care clinic was determined to meet a variety of healthcare needs for its community, a physician recruitment partnership with Director of Recruiting Olivia Georgia helped turn the goal into a reality.

Community-Centered Healthcare: Physician Recruiter Brings 13 Providers to Southern Oregon

When Director of Recruiting Olivia Georgia first flew to southern Oregon to meet with her newest client, she knew she had found a special place. The scenic mountain location would be a draw for the right candidates, but it was the people and her contact at the organization specifically who would make all the difference in winning over candidates. Olivia felt certain if she could get candidates on-site, they would fall in love with everything about the rural community.

While the client initially requested a single Internal Medicine or Family Medicine physician, Olivia was soon tasked with additional searches for several Advanced Practice Providers and a second primary care physician. Her focus was the client’s three primary care clinics, but they also sponsored searches for other groups in the area – a women’s health group, a radiology group, etc.

“Rural areas often struggle to attract enough physicians to care for the population,” Olivia says, “My client sponsored other groups for the good of the broader community.

Physician Recruiting for Rural Healthcare

These somewhat unusual circumstances meant that Olivia worked with her client and consulted with multiple other groups in the area. Once Olivia fully understood what each clinic needed, she helped craft well-rounded job profiles that included flexibility, fair compensation, signing bonuses, and loan repayment. She then leveraged the Jackson Physician Search job board network to distribute the various physician job ads. Of course, Olivia also proactively searched physician databases, including Doximity, the largest online network of physicians, to identify potential candidates and reach out to them about the positions.

Over the next year, Olivia connected with physicians and APPs of all different backgrounds and at all stages of their careers, but each had at least one thing in common – they were intrigued by the possibility of living and working in Oregon. Some candidates saw the job ad and applied online, while others received a call or DocMail from Olivia and replied asking for more information. A few had past ties to the Pacific Northwest, while many had never traveled to the area at all.

Making a Lasting Impression

Olivia’s genuine fondness for the area and for the clinics shone through in each conversation she had with candidates. As a result, they were often eager to be presented for the opportunity. For those Olivia introduced, the client always responded quickly – reaching out to them directly or having the point person at the appropriate clinic reach out.

If the phone calls went well, the clinics invited the candidates to visit the facilities and tour the community. Olivia feels this was where her client went above and beyond. Of course, they handled all travel arrangements, invited spouses to come, and ensured the candidate met all stakeholders, but they also planned a community tour, dinners with colleagues, and an always-memorable boat ride on the river.

“The itinerary was excellent,” says Olivia, “But it was the way my client made candidates feel that really made them want to join. They got to know the candidates and made it clear they were interested in them as people and would take care of them as members of the community. Candidates left the site visit feeling like they mattered, and in almost every case, they were ready to sign.”

Secrets of Rural Physician Recruiting Success

The clinic’s near-perfect on-site success rate is notable and demonstrates that Olivia’s initial instincts were right. She knew from the beginning that if she could get candidates to the on-site interview, they would want to sign a contract. Of course, this also depended on Olivia sourcing the right candidates, which she did with expertise.

Olivia can’t say enough about the warmth and kindness of the organization she started the partnership with and all the people at the various groups she has worked with since. She has built relationships with all of them and appreciates how they all work together for the greater good of the community.

“If one candidate seemed like a better fit for a clinic in a different part of town, everyone was happy to accommodate that,” Olivia explains. “The goal was to get providers to the area, regardless of the specific group they joined. It was about serving the community.”

That’s not to say the process was without challenges. Olivia says the strong relationships she forged were especially beneficial when she had to present an opposing opinion or deliver bad news. Because of the strength of the relationships, the client was always receptive to Olivia’s guidance and willing to make changes when needed.

An Ongoing Partnership

The partnership in Oregon continues to flourish, with Olivia now conducting her fourteenth search for the community. It’s a unique arrangement, with Olivia serving multiple groups. However, she has never felt such a genuine connection with a community, serving alongside multiple groups to recruit physicians to the area.

“The community will certainly be better for our efforts,” says Olivia. “And the candidates seem thrilled to have found such special opportunities.”

Would your organization benefit from a recruitment partner to attract and identify strong candidates? The Jackson Physician Search recruitment team has the resources and expertise to find interested candidates all over the country. Reach out today to learn more.

Key Takeaways

  1. Partnering with a dedicated physician recruiter can help quicker facilitate access to high quality patient care for communities that need it.
  2. On-site visits are crucial to make memorable and positive experiences, especially in locations traditionally tougher to recruit to.

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