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New Year, New Physician Job Search

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January 20, 2022

Not surprisingly, the pandemic has created a great deal of uncertainty throughout the healthcare industry. Over the past year, healthcare has experienced a phenomenon known as the “Great Resignation,” where an influx of physicians and other providers have quit their current positions in hopes of finding greener pastures elsewhere or to retire early. In fact, a new study found that one in five physicians intend to leave their current practice within two years, and approximately 31% of physicians intend to reduce their work hours.

If you’re among the droves of physicians in search of your next opportunity, there are several ways to set up your physician job search for success. Let’s take a look at what you should be doing to ensure any job changes you make are the right ones for your career.

Reflect on Your Current Situation

Before you polish your CV and begin filling out applications, it is important to reflect on your current position and the reasons why you want to go elsewhere.

Are you lacking a sense of personal or professional fulfillment in your role? Do you feel as though your superiors do not listen to your needs or include you in the decision-making process? Are you feeling strained and lacking work/life balance? Does the workplace culture feel toxic?

These are all common reasons many physicians feel the urge to jump ship for a new, more fulfilling role. However, as you are aware, it is important to remember that all physician jobs come with some level of stress and demands.

When you fully understand what it is about your current job that is falling short of your expectations, you are better prepared to be more discerning about any new positions you are considering.

Determine What You Really Want Out of a New Job

Once you have a good understanding of your motivations to leave your position, you can then decide what is most important to you in your new job. This process ensures that you have a clear roadmap to help you navigate your job search.

There are many factors to keep in mind when determining your ideal career fit, so make sure to address the following before entertaining potential job offers:

  • Ideal Practice Setting. Everyone is different. Some like working in a small group setting, others may prefer a large hospital, and still, others want to make the move towards full-time telehealth. Whether you are interested in mission-minded work at an FQHC or a high-volume private practice, make sure your preferences are clear.
  • Geographic Location and Compensation. You may think a position in the heart of New York City sounds nice on paper, but are you prepared for a high cost of living and cold winters? A new city or a large starting salary shouldn’t be your sole motivators for a move, especially if you have a family and kids to uproot. Carefully consider the position as a whole instead of just one part of it.
  • Physician Autonomy. Being able to make more of your own decisions regarding the way you practice medicine and care for your patients is a valuable asset to any role. When considering your next career move, ensure the job openings on your radar match your desire for some degree of independence.
  • Physician Satisfaction. It’s no secret that the happier you are on a day-to-day basis in your role, the longer you’ll want to stay and the more engaged you will feel. Potential positions promising work-life balance, an administration that considers your voice when making decisions, growth or leadership opportunities, and a healthy workplace should be the ones that stand out to you when exploring your options. These factors will help you achieve professional and personal fulfillment

You will find that the work you put in upfront will help you determine what types of opportunities are best aligned with your goals.

Polish Your Digital Footprint

Once you have a crystal clear idea of why you’re leaving your current role, as well as exactly what you want out of a new role, it’s time to begin your search. Of course, you’ll want to make sure your CV is tailored to the roles you’re interested in, but you should also ensure your digital footprints are cleaned up and ready to go, as well.

Healthcare administrators are increasingly using digital strategies to source candidates and advertise their job openings. Create a profile on Doximity and LinkedIn. And if you already have them, be sure to spend some time editing and updating the content to ensure it provides an accurate picture of who you are as a physician today. Don’t underestimate how important these professional profiles are in getting your information in front of people who make hiring decisions.

Reach Out to Your Network

From the relationships you had in med school, to any mentors and colleagues who supported you along the way, embarking on a new job search is the perfect time to reconnect. Even if you haven’t kept in touch regularly, the physician community is tight-knit, and your colleagues will be there for you. Reach out to your network for potential job leads, information about healthcare organizations you may be considering, or even advice about your search.

Consider Working with a Physician Recruiter

Your life as a physician is stressful enough without adding a job search to the mix. Many struggle to find the time to juggle both, which may lead to a prolonged search or jumping into a less than ideal job. A trusted physician recruiter can help you avoid these situations. A good recruiter will have a nationwide network and access to information that will allow you to cast the widest possible net. Here are a few key tips for successfully working with a physician recruiter:

  • Establish Open/Honest Communication. Any successful relationship is built on trust. Being honest with your recruitment partner will set the foundation while ensuring they have all the information they need to help you find the best opportunity.
  • Be Responsive. When you are working with a recruiter, it is vital to be responsive when they are presenting you with options. If your recruiter has access to a great job, don’t miss out on it by procrastinating or failing to respond.
  • Use Them as a Resource. Your recruiter will have a wealth of healthcare industry experience. Use them as a resource to make sure your CV is strong or to answer any questions you have about interviewing, salary expectations, or about different organizations you should consider.

Whether you are working with a recruitment partner or conducting your physician job search on your own, you should never feel like you have to settle. The physician shortage is real, so there will be plenty of opportunities available. The key is knowing what the opportunity should look like to satisfy your personal and professional needs. You may not get everything on your wish list, but having a clear picture of what you want helps you secure a happier and healthier career opportunity.

Jackson Physician Search has the healthcare industry experience, the technology and tools, and the nationwide network to help you find your next dream role.  Contact our team of trusted recruitment professionals today and learn how we can support your next job search. You can also download our helpful Physician Job Search Playbook

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