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Do you know where your candidates are coming from and how much they cost you to find?

If your answer to either of those questions is negative, then you’ll want to check out the Jackson Physician Search ROI Calculator when it launches later this quarter. In today’s competitive environment, it is critical for healthcare facility administrators to understand how much return they are getting for each recruitment dollar spent. And even more importantly, how much the return could be if placements were made faster.

Using the JPS ROI Calculator, you can look at your recruiting dollars in new ways by learning how much it costs when your time-to-fill averages are lagging.  The ROI Calculator also illustrates, in real dollars, how much revenue is lost with each physician vacancy.  Check out the ROI Calculator when it launches, and give Jackson Physician Search a call to learn how we can help improve your ROI.


The True Cost of Physician Vacancies

The True Cost of Physician Vacancies

This article is the first in a series of content that reflects upon the findings in a recent white paper published by Tony Stajduhar, President, of Jackson Physician Search

Physician Recruitment ROI

What You Should Know About Physician Recruitment ROI

When it comes to Physician Recruitment ROI, there are three key concepts you should know. How to determine ROI, steps you can take to improve ROI, and the impact a physician recruitment partner can have on ROI.

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How Smart Recruitment Helped An FQHC Expand Services


The state of Healthcare for FQHCs and Rural Communities

According to data published by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), the U.S. will have a projected shortage of physicians that could reach over 120,000 by the end of the next decade.  Especially hard hit are rural communities, served by Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), which are dealing with primary care shortages and also a lack of resources to address other healthcare needs.  In communities throughout the U.S., healthcare providers are struggling with an increased demand for behavioral, mental health and addiction treatment services.  In rural America, the problem is compounded because FQHCs are often relying on family practice physicians to provide these expanded services to the community.

In 2000, Congress passed the Drug Addiction Treatment Act, known as DATA 2000, allowing physicians to prescribe FDA-approved medications for the treatment of addiction and other mental health needs. Originally, DATA 2000 was enacted with restrictions limiting the number of patients a family care practitioner can treat at one time under the plan.  As the mental and behavioral health needs of the community grow, practitioners at FQHCs are applying for waivers that expand the number of patients they can treat under DATA 2000.

This scenario serves to illustrate how critical it is for FQHCs in rural communities to effectively recruit and retain primary care physicians who not only have the skills but are willing to earn the certifications necessary to meet the behavioral and mental health needs of their communities. Today, according to the National Association of Community Health Centers, almost 70% of Health Centers have a physician vacancy.

How one Rural FQHC Expanded Services and Access to Care

In many communities, the local health center is the sole healthcare provider available to the residents who live there.  FQHCs operate under federal funding and often rely on grants and other creative funding sources for recruitment purposes and expansion of services when needed.  Recently, an FQHC located in rural Vermont was dealing with a primary care vacancy at the same time they were trying to expand their mental health services offering.  Because of the length of time needed to fill vacancies in the past, they turned to Jackson Physician Search for help in meeting the stringent timeline associated with a federal grant they had received.  The grant funding was set to expire within a few months leading the FQHC to find a recruitment partner with national reach and a proven success rate.  Their requirement called for a family care physician who had experience treating all age groups and would also be willing and able to meet the certification requirements for a DATA 2000 waiver.  The waiver was a critical component of the FQHCs expansion of services for the growing mental and behavioral health needs of their community.  Ultimately, JPS presented a successful candidate that met the family practice requirements, was open to an accelerated relocation process, and will have the DATA 2000 waiver certification completed within the time required.

The above recruitment story is all too familiar to many FQHC Administrators.  As the primary care shortage continues impacting the healthcare industry, health centers will be navigating these challenges while finding new ways to serve their communities.

If your organization has a physician recruitment need, contact the professionals at Jackson Physician Search to find out how we can help.

Physician Recruitment Issues Affecting FQHC

What to Do About the Biggest Physician Recruitment Issues Affecting FQHC’s in 2019

As physician recruitment becomes even more competitive each year, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) are feeling the brunt of the challenges. Jackson Physician Search…

Extreme Physician Shortage

What You Should Know About Physician Recruitment ROI

The combination of the current workforce shortage and an ineffective recruitment strategy can be costly to your organization and the community. The physician shortage…

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Finding Non-traditional Physician Opportunities with the Help of a Recruiter


In today’s hot physician job market, many physicians assume that when the time comes for a job search, it will seem like catching fish in a barrel.  While partly true because the demand far exceeds the supply of available physicians, many doctors are missing out on opportunities that only a recruiter can help them find.  One such recruiter story involves Board-certified General and Forensic Psychiatrist Dr. S.

Dr. S began working in correctional medicine in 2010, after his impressive educational studies at the University of Hawaii and Fellowships at Yale School of Medicine, and University of Florida. He chose to work in corrections because it provided him with a quicker path to becoming a U.S. citizen by working with an underserved population.  Dr. S’s wife is a Pharmacist, originally from the Orlando area, so after five years of working on-site at a correctional facility in Georgia, the family moved back to Florida.

In 2018, Irven Stacy, a physician recruitment professional with Jackson Physician Search, learned of a client with a very specific need to fill.  The organization needed a Forensic Psychiatrist to lead clinical trials for a pharmaceutical manufacturer.  The reason they were experiencing challenges finding the right candidate is that they needed someone who had experience treating diverse groups of patients from children through the elderly. After spending several months, convincing the client that he could help them find the perfect candidate for this non-traditional job opportunity, Irv landed the contract.

During this time, Dr. S was not actively looking for a new position, but he was open to considering offers that piqued his interests.  Irv utilized all of the tools at his disposal and found Dr. S.  He knew right away that he had found someone who had the unique skill set that the client needed.  In addition to psychiatry, the candidate needed General Practice skills to be able to determine which patients fit the criteria for the clinical trial.

Dr. S was intrigued by the uniqueness of the new opportunity.  He relished the thought of utilizing more of his medical skills and training and also working in a more traditional office setting.  When Irv presented Dr. S to the client after only a 30-day search, they were excited about his background, training, and accomplishments.  They ultimately brought him onboard with a plan to train him for the role of lead investigator.

“It is very rewarding for me to help bring these drugs to the market,” Dr. S explained.  “It gives me a sense of accomplishment, and it is also nice to be able to provide the clinical trial patients with free healthcare.”

This scenario serves as a prime example of why working with a trusted recruiter can be so beneficial to a physician looking for their own perfect career opportunity.  In the case of Dr. S, he may not have ever known about the opportunity, nor even know that a position existed that would allow him to combine his General Practice skills with his Forensic Psychiatry background.  For both client and candidate, this was a “win-win” for all involved.

Physician Bonuses and Benefits

Understanding Physician Bonuses and Benefits

Hospitals and health systems are finding other ways to compensate physicians than base salary. 

get your foot in the door

How a Recruiter Can Help You Get Your Foot in the Door

Dr. Iswanto Sucandy had an impressive background and was in the process of finishing up his…

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The Job You Want May Not Be the One You Need


We’ve recently worked with a physician who thought it was time to make a move from a small rural community setting into a large metro area.  By working with a recruiter at Jackson Physician Search, he found a position that met all of his personal and professional needs.  Here is his recruitment story.

Our physician, let’s refer to him as Dr. Smith, had been working in rural Northern Kentucky for several years.  Having recently married, Dr. Smith felt he was ready to explore opportunities in larger metropolitan areas.  He began by considering cities like Chicago, hoping for access to cultural activities and better schools for his daughter.  He quickly learned that his personal and professional needs might be better met in a mid-sized community and practice. It surprised him to find that the large group he was interviewing with wasn’t very responsive and he felt that working there, he would be just another number.

He began working with Helen Falkner, Sr. Director of Recruiting at Jackson Physician Search, who has been helping doctors, and other medical professionals find their perfect job for years. They began by narrowing down the things that were most important to him and his new family. He wanted a position affording him a better work/life balance and a location that offered the amenities of a larger metropolitan area.  When Helen told Dr. Smith about an opportunity she had in a Midwestern university town, he was unfamiliar with the community and initially skeptical.  However, Dr. Smith knew that keeping an open mind is critical and that it would be worth it to do his due diligence on the job.

The first thing that struck Dr. Smith when he arrived for his interview was that he was meeting directly with the CEO of the clinic.  He felt very comfortable having that direct line of communication with the CEO, and it allowed for a streamlined decision-making process. Dr. Smith was pleasantly surprised to find that the facility was very physician-centric and they were extremely motivated to learn more about him and his family. He knew if he joined them, that he would be more than just another doctor.

Being a college town, and also located less than an hour from a major metropolitan area, Dr. Smith and his family found that they would have access to vibrant cultural scenes, concerts, great restaurants, and a top school system.  The organization was very accommodating with Dr. Smith’s salary and scheduling preferences, and he gladly accepted their offer to join the team.

Dr. Smith’s story is not unlike many others in today’s ultra-competitive physician search environment, and it includes some key takeaways for consideration. Dr. Smith kept an open mind throughout the process and working with his recruiter, stayed focused on the things most important to him and his family.  He also recognized that in a smaller setting, he had the opportunity to become a part of the community and work in a more comfortable, inclusive environment. The only investment Dr. Smith had to make was the time he spent interviewing.  By overcoming his preconceived notions of what he thought he wanted, Dr. Smith ended up as part of a tight-knit team in a location that met all of his family’s needs.

If you are ready to find your next opportunity, check out our job portal to search for your next job or connect with Helen directly on her LinkedIn page.

choosing education the right shcools

JPS Recruiters Live: Optimizing for Your Children’s Education

Often, we get asked by doctors that are looking to relocate for help with assessing schools and school districts. We know that the education of their children is very important to…

5 Reasons Why Doctors Search for a New Jobs

Five Reasons Why Doctors Search For a New Job

If you pay any attention at all to the stock market or financial news, you already know that the economy is booming and the outlook for jobs is better than it has been in decades…

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[Recruitment Guide] Guide to Developing a Strategic Physician Recruitment Plan


This is Part 1 of our complete Guide to Physician Recruitment. With any process, it is best to start by assessing your unique needs and developing your strategy. This handbook helps you do just that with step by step instructions for developing a strategic physician recruitment plan. Download Part 1 of our Guide to Physician Recruitment. This PDF handbook defines six key steps on your path to building a strategic physician recruitment plan.

Physician Recruiting Process_Part1-FINAL

Developing a Strategic Physician Recruitment Plan: Part 1

The physician shortage continues to be a growing concern for hospital CEOs and executives and consistently ranks in the top 5 concerns along with financial challenges and governmental mandates. You can download a study about the physician shortage from the American College of Healthcare Executives.

To combat physician shortage, it is critical to develop a strategic recruitment plan. Recruiting top physicians can be an expensive and time-consuming process for hospitals and health systems, which is even more reason to do it efficiently. This guide is a support tool for our clients as well as those hospitals who are still exploring their strategy for physician recruitment.

Our four decades of experience in partnering with hospitals and healthcare organizations across the country to develop strategic recruitment plans helps us have a unique perspective and wide knowledge base, which we are eager to share here.

From the hospital CEO to the physician recruiter, this broad-spectrum guide offers you a clear path toward optimizing your efforts and your investment in physician recruitment. And, if you find you need additional assistance at any point, we are available for an in-person consultation. Contact us.

Top 5 Indicators You Need a Strategic Physician Recruiting Plan

  1. Lost Revenue – Each day you are recruiting is thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Hiring more quickly will benefit your hospital’s bottom line as well as productivity, morale, and patient loyalty.
  2. Recruitment Time – According to a recent report from ASPR, the average placement time for physicians is between 109 and 128 days.
  3. Losing New Patient Opportunities – If you are having to turn away patients because you don’t have the capacity to see them, then your recruitment needs are critical.
  4. Left Scrambling – Few hospitals and healthcare groups have physicians in the queue ready to start. If you need to backfill a position, you are most likely experience patient rejection and lost revenue.
  5. Competition – Competition with another facility creates the urgent and essential need for strategy and effective marketing of your open positions.

Defining a Strategic Physician Recruitment Plan

A strategic recruitment plan is simply a roadmap to assess, create, and launch effective recruitment for your physicians and other providers. Whether the CEO or the physician recruiter, you and your team need to be able to critically evaluate the needs of your system and obtain buy-in from key stakeholders and decision makers to develop and execute an optimal recruitment strategy that benefits your whole organization. A strategic recruitment plan is part of a well-designed medical staff development plan that encompasses:

  • Physician Alignment
  • A Community Needs Assessment
  • Population Analysis
  • A Five-Year Strategic Plan
  • Input From Key Stakeholders
  • Metrics and Benchmarks to Analyze Effectiveness

How to Add Strategy to Your Recruiting Plan

Being strategic in your recruiting helps save your organization time and money while ensuring you find the right physicians and advanced practice professionals to grow your business. It took an average of 128 days to fill positions across all specialties in 2016, according to the 2016 Association of Staff Physician Recruiters report. An internist, for example, brings in an average revenue of &823,900 for a facility each year, Jackson Physician Search found in its annual Physician Salary Calculator. That adds up to nearly half a million dollars in lost revenue for your hospital while you’re looking for a new hire.

It’s increasingly important to not just recruit quickly but to recruit the right doctors. Estimated turnover costs are as much as $1 million per physician after factoring in recruitment, start-up and lost revenue costs. A solid recruitment plan will enable you to find the right doctors for the right positions at the right time.

Remember, there is no other resource in your hospital that will give you a greater return on investment than a physician. For that reason, we encourage you to recruit and retain these professionals carefully and strategically.

To read the rest of this guide, please click the download button.


Physician Recruitment Guide: How to Execute Physician Site Visits

[Recruitment Guide] How to Expertly Execute Physician Site Visits

Part 2 of our Guide to Physician Recruitment focuses on site visits. How you execute a physician site visit has a huge impact on the decision of your candidate. This recruitment guide has tips…

Focus on Culture for the Best Physician Team

Focus On Culture To Build the Perfect Team

Are you having staffing issues and problems with turnover?  Does the cost of constantly recruiting physicians get brought up at every meeting?  If either of these situations sound…

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Focus on Fit: A Cultural Blueprint for Successful Physician Recruitment


This presentation, given by our President at the 2018 MGMA Annual Meeting, explains why cultural fit is so important and how to create a physician recruitment blueprint that focuses on fit.

Focus on Fit: A Cultural Blueprint for Successful Physician Recruitment

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze the motivations and personal needs of physicians, advanced providers and their families
  • Outline a blueprint for a sustainable culture that accelerates recruitment and fosters retention
  • Differentiate their organization in the best marketplace through recognition as a best place to work


  • Culture: What and Why?
  • Examples
  • How To’s

Pathway to Culture as a Competitive Advantage


  1. Apply for Certification as a Great Place to Work
  2. Survey Employees – Get Results
  3. Interpret Results – Tie quantitative business results to outcomes
  4. Share Results with Leaders – Set up an Executive Insights Session to help your leaders understand results and align around next steps
  5. Reflect & Respond to Employees – Execute a communication plan that builds trust
  6. Confirm Focus Areas – Collect additional insight through focus groups, interviews, or a customized full census or pulse survey
  7. Take Action – Design a support and accountability plan to drive change

 Evaluating Best Workplaces

For All – A great workplace for everyone regardless of who you are or what you do in your company.

Innovation – A culture that enables a company to continuously improve, adapt quickly, and generate game-changing opportunities.

Executive Team Effectiveness – A high functioning executive leadership team that inspires followership and strategic cohesion at every level of the business.


Physician Recruitment Success

Three Smart Moves for Physician Recruitment Success

In a competitive physician recruitment environment, how do some organizations consistently outperform all others? Learn how to recruit faster, more efficiently, and at less cost with…

Create a Cultural Blueprint for Successful Physician Recruitment

How to Create a Cultural Blueprint for Successful Physician Recruitment

Culture is defined as “values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that employees share and exhibit on a daily basis in their work and in the community”. And, lack of cultural fit is among the top reasons…

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Third Consecutive Best Places to Work Award for Jackson Physician Search


May 15, 2018 –  Alpharetta, GA – For the third consecutive year, Jackson Physician Search is one of the Best Places to Work in HealthcareTM for 2018, according to Modern Healthcare. The annual program recognizes outstanding employers across the industry.


“As a physician search firm, there is extra significance in being recognized again as a great place to work,” said Tony Stajduhar, president. “Clients and candidates look to us as the experts in identifying cultural fit. It’s the single biggest factor in successful recruitment and retention.”


“In building our team and our blueprint for cultural fit, we embrace the core values of the Jackson Healthcare companies: Others First (Put others before self), Wisdom (Do the wise thing) and Growth (Keep getting better),” Stajduhar added.


Jackson Physician Search first made the list in 2016 as one of the top 15 Best Places to Work. In 2017, they advanced into the top 10, ranking as ninth with the additional distinction as fourth Best Place to Work for Millennials, in the supplier category. Modern Healthcare released the 2018 alphabetical list on May 14, and will publish the rankings in September at the Best Places to Work in Healthcare Awards Dinner.


Jackson Physician Search is 25th on Fortune’s list of best small and medium companies and certified as a great workplace by the independent analysts at Great Place to Work®.  Its parent organization, Jackson Healthcare, has been recognized on the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s “Best Places to Work” list since 2005.


Jackson Physician Search specializes in permanent recruitment of physicians and advanced practice providers to hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers and medical groups across the United States. The company is recognized for its track record of results built on their clients’ trust in the skills of their team and the transparency of their process and fees.


Visit and Jackson Physician Search on LinkedIn. Follow @JacksonPhysicianSearch on Facebook and @Jackson_Search on Twitter.



Media Contact for More Information:

Lori Schutte: 770.643.5533

Mary Barber: 314.494.6952

Newest Physician Salary Calculator Customizes Results, Saves Time


A physician compensation resource center, featuring an interactive salary calculator, is the newest resource offered by Jackson Physician Search to help doctors save time as they evaluate how to reach their earning potential. No registration or subscription is required to view instant results.

The mobile-friendly, interactive calculator compiles data from five industry sources, plus propriety recruitment data, to enable physicians in 24 specialties to evaluate multiple variables that influence their potential compensation package.

According to Tony Stajduhar, president of Jackson Physician Search, this new resource is an efficient tool physicians can use to evaluate practice opportunities. “Let’s face it: time and money both matter to physicians. So when it comes to exploring a new job, our resource center can save them time as they consider how multiple variables influence their potential compensation package,” he said.

“Even with data in-hand, we also recommend that physicians talk with industry insiders, experts and advisors to understand what is realistic in a given situation,” Stajduhar added. “Experienced physician recruiters can decode some of the reasons for variances and help a physician negotiate a fair, market-driven package,” Stajduhar noted.

Using the new salary calculator, customizable fields encompass the components that are typically included in a compensation package. The results instantly reveal a market-based scenario that breaks out base salary, benefits, hiring incentives and bonuses. The calculator is unique in its design for use with an offer in hand, or if the physician wants to compare how far their compensation would stretch in a different state or type of community.

Physicians considering a new practice opportunity can:

  • Easily access customized physician compensation data, drawn from multiple sources
  • Drill down by specialty, state and type of location
  • Get instant results and/or request an optional written report via email.

They can adjust for benefits, hiring incentives, and bonuses:

  • Benefits
  • Sign-on Bonus
  • Residency stipend
  • Relocation assistance
  • Student loan repayment
  • Future bonuses for productivity and quality

Jackson Physician Search compiles data from salary surveys published by industry leaders including Health eCareers and Doximity, which draws from self-reported compensation surveys of more than 36,000 physicians. They also incorporate proprietary data, including the firm’s physician placement and search data. Actual compensation will vary depending on additional variables such as skills and qualifications in each specialty, and supply and demand in a particular location. The information does not constitute specific advice for any candidate nor does it guarantee compensation from any organization.


In addition to the salary calculator, the new and improved Physician Salary Calculator and Resource Center also features relevant physician compensation articles, videos, and other resources physicians can use.


Jackson Physician Search specializes in permanent recruitment of physicians and advanced practice providers to hospitals and health systems across the United States. The company is recognized for its track record of results built on their clients’ trust in the skills of their team and the transparency of their process. Jackson Physician Search attracts and retains the most talented and motivated recruitment professionals in the industry. The firm has been recognized by Modern Healthcare and Fortune as one of the Best Places to Work.


Visit and Jackson Physician Search on LinkedIn. Follow @JacksonPhysicianSearch on Facebook and @Jackson_Search on Twitter.


Media Contact for More Information:

Lori Schutte: 770.643.5533

Mary Barber: 314.494.6952

How to Ignite Your Career with a Physician Recruiter


Not every job search is created equal.  For many professions, a job search can be as comprehensive as visiting a job board (or five) and submitting your resume to the postings that match your qualifications.  For new physicians, or those who have not been in the job market for a while, finding the right position is a whole different animal. That is where a physician recruiter comes in.

In fact, the New England Journal of Medicine reports that almost 90% of Physicians find their most useful leads through personal or professional referrals. Yet, “working” your network to discover a great opportunity can be a challenge when you are balancing so many demands for your time and attention. That’s why many physicians have discovered the benefits of using a professional recruiting firm to find the practice opportunity that is a great fit for themselves, their spouses, and their families.

Why Use a Physician Recruiter?

Resources and Networks – The old adage “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” still applies in the modern job search world, and good recruiters know a LOT of people.  An experienced recruitment firm will have relationships with healthcare organizations all over the country.

Recruiters are on the front line in addressing the physician shortage challenge. They are a great source of information regarding hiring trends, physician compensation, and facility-specific insight in nearly every specialty and region.

Access – Hospitals, medical groups, academic medical centers, and community health centers rely on the breadth of a recruiter’s network to tap into the best pool of physician candidates. In turn, a recruiter may have access to opportunities that aren’t publicly posted or advertised yet.

A recruiter can share facility-specific information that matters, such as organizational culture, turnover rates, and the quality of the leadership team. Their familiarity with the community will provide valuable background to determine if an opportunity is right for you and your family.

Negotiating Partner – A physician recruiter offers the advantage of being your trusted partner as you prepare for an interview and navigate the contract process. Hospitals and groups want to fill their positions with highly-qualified candidates. Physicians want to be compensated fairly while being confident that they made the right decision.

The recruiter wants those things for all involved. Recruiters can establish realistic expectations and help you negotiate an offer that is consistent with what you need and deserve.

Physician recruiter talking to a physician

How to Get the Most Out of Your Relationship with Your Physician Recruiter.

The recruiter is there to facilitate your candidacy so building a strong relationship will maximize the benefits of working with them.

Know what you want – Don’t expect your recruiter to automatically know everything that is going to make you happy.  They can always be a sounding board for questions about certain locations or facilities, but it is up to you, the physician, to do some self-discovery to provide them with information.  Take time with your significant other to determine where you might want to live, what things are most important to you, etc. The more you share with your recruiter, the better your chances of finding a great job.

Stay in Touch – Work on making time for your search.  Don’t ignore your recruiter’s phone calls or emails.  Timely responses are essential to keep the ball rolling, and responsiveness also demonstrates that you are serious about the search!

Ask Questions – No need to be apprehensive in asking questions of your recruiter.  Have them explain how they are being compensated for their efforts.  Never pay your recruiter: quality recruiters are compensated by the hospital or group that has contracted with them to help fill the opening.

Be Upfront – Be sure to let them know about how many other recruitment firms you are working with and if you have other upcoming interviews. Knowing where their client stands among your choices maintains the strong foundation of transparency in the relationship.

A strong relationship with your recruiting partner can make all the difference in the world by relieving much of the stress and headache of the job search. Putting your search in the hands of a knowledgeable recruiter will afford you the time to continue focusing on your priorities, while your recruiter does the heavy lifting to ensure you find (and secure) the best fitting job for you.

Visit our physician candidate page for more information about how the process works or browse our current positions on our job search page.


Advance Your Physician Career with a New Job

How to Advance Your Career With a New Job

As you look to advance your physician career with a new job, the most important question you must ask yourself is why are you considering a change?  Your reasons will drive how you…

Career Paths for Physicians

Career Paths for Physicians

In the past, when students graduated with their medical degree, they applied for their medical license and began a long career of seeing…

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Jackson Physician Search in Top 10 Best Places to Work in Healthcare


Oct. 4, 2017 – Alpharetta, GA — Jackson Physician Search advanced to the top ten Best Places to Work in Healthcare, as revealed at Modern Healthcare’s annual awards dinner, held September 28th in Las Vegas. This year’s ranking as 9th among suppliers represents the second consecutive year of recognition for the firm, which also again ranked as 4th Best Place to Work for Millennials in the supplier category. Modern Healthcare’s program, now in its 10th year, recognizes outstanding employers across the industry.

“Empowering our employees to provide clients and candidates with an exceptional experience is central to our culture,” stated Tony Stajduhar, President. “Recognition as a Best Place to work results from providing our team with the right training, tools and environment to deliver great results and enjoy working here.”

“Being a top-ranked workplace for millennials also signals that we understand the critical success factors for building the workforce of the future,” Stajduhar noted. “We translate that awareness to helping our hospitals, health systems and medical groups successfully hire the new physicians they need to serve their communities.”

Jackson Physician Search was certified this year as a great workplace today by the independent analysts at Great Place to Work®. Jackson Physician Search is part of the growing family of Jackson Healthcare companies.


Jackson Physician Search specializes in the permanent recruitment of physicians and advanced practice providers to hospitals and health systems across the United States. The company is recognized for its track record of results built on their clients’ trust in the skills of their team and the transparency of their process. As one of the Best Places to Work in Healthcare, Jackson Physician Search attracts and retains the most talented and motivated recruitment professionals in the industry.

Visit and Jackson Physician Search on LinkedIn. Follow @JacksonPhysicianSearch on Facebook and @Jackson_Search on Twitter.


Media Contact for More Information:

Lori Schutte:

Mary Barber: 314.494.6952