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The True Cost of Physician Vacancies
This article is the first in a series of content that reflects upon the findings in a recent white paper published by Tony Stajduhar, President, of Jackson Physician Search, titled Physician Recruitment: The Costs to Hire and Return on Investment. According to a 2018 Association of Physician Recruiters’ (ASPR) survey, 40% of physician vacancies in 2017 went unfilled.  The largest ... Read More
Jackson Physician Search Issues Affecting FQHCs White Paper
Physician vacancies are affecting the majority of health centers across the country. This paper examines some of the recruitment and retention challenges that Federally Qualified Health Centers are facing and how to overcome them. Feel free to download and share. Download Issues Affecting FQHCs What will it take for Federally Qualified Health Centers to survive in today’s healthcare physician recruiting climate? ... Read More
Jackson Physician Search Physician Recruitment ROI White Paper
President of Jackson Physician Search, Tony Stajduhar, gives insight into how vacancies and recruiting can quickly become costly. If you're looking to reduce your cost to hire and optimize your return on investment when it comes to physician recruitment, this white paper is for you. Download Download Focus on Fit: A Cultural Blueprint for Successful Physician Recruitment This presentation, given ... Read More
strategic physician recruitment
This is Part 1 of our complete Guide to Physician Recruitment. With any process, it is best to start by assessing your unique needs and developing your strategy. This handbook helps you do just that with step by step instructions for developing a strategic physician recruitment plan. Download Part 1 of our Guide to Physician Recruitment. This PDF handbook defines ... Read More
Physician Hiring Outlook
For several years, reports of the ongoing physician shortage have dominated the headlines.  To give healthcare leaders the comprehensive information they need to invest and adjust to the physician shortage, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) began publishing physician supply and demand reports in 2015.  The most recent update projects an even greater shortfall between supply and demand than ... Read More
Reducing Physician Regulatory Burden
The regulatory burden on physicians and others on the front lines of healthcare is intensifying. A new, comprehensive study echoes growing frustration with the amount of time providers spend pushing paper rather than treating patients. According to the Medical Group Management Association’s 2018 Survey, an overwhelming 86% of respondents reported an increase in regulatory burden over the past 12 months ... Read More
Meeting Urban Recruitment Challenges
While the expansion of community-based facilities is a welcome development for inner cities and rural settings where most are located, it is not without challenges.  The National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) reports that 95% of health centers have a clinical vacancy and 70% are reporting a physician vacancy.  These trends are even more concerning when you consider that ... Read More
Cultural Blueprint for Successful Physician Recruitment
This presentation, given by our President at the 2018 MGMA Annual Meeting, explains why cultural fit is so important and how to create a physician recruitment blueprint that focuses on fit. Download Download Focus on Fit: A Cultural Blueprint for Successful Physician Recruitment Learning Objectives Analyze the motivations and personal needs of physicians, advanced providers and their families Outline a ... Read More
Create a Cultural Blueprint for Successful Physician Recruitment
Culture is defined as “values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that employees share and exhibit on a daily basis in their work and in the community”. And, lack of cultural fit is among the top reasons physicians leave a practice – even more than compensation. Many practice executives and recruiters can attest to the challenge of recruiting into an organization with ... Read More
Physician Recruitment Guide: How to Execute Physician Site Visits
Part 2 of our Guide to Physician Recruitment focuses on site visits. How you execute a physician site visit has a huge impact on the decision of your candidate. This recruitment guide has tips that will help you prepare for site visits. You can view or download the entire guide for free. Part 1 is our guide to developing a ... Read More
How Culture Affects Physician Retention
Imagine a workplace where medical professionals at all levels are highly respectful. Too many hospitals today are losing valued physicians due to toxic environments. A recent study estimates that “for hospital medicine, the overall cost of turnover is probably at least $400,000 per provider and could easily be $600,000 or more”. The relationship between culture and physician retention is straightforward ... Read More
What to Know When Recruiting Residents - Medscape Takeaways
Life as a resident is challenging for many reasons. Long hours and low pay, it’s a balancing act of simultaneously being learners and medical care providers. If that wasn’t enough, they are also job-seekers. By the beginning of their second year (if not before) they will begin exploring and making decisions about where, when and how they will start practicing ... Read More
Focus on Culture for the Best Physician Team
Are you having staffing issues and problems with turnover?  Does the cost of constantly recruiting physicians get brought up at every meeting?  If either of these situations sound familiar, your organization might have a culture problem. There is a growing amount of discussion regarding culture and fit, and how physicians today are placing more emphasis on finding a workplace that ... Read More
Physician Burnout and Cultural Fit
Physicians today are suffering the effects of burnout at higher rates than ever before.  If someone were to make an assumption about what is causing physician dissatisfaction and burnout, compensation might be at the top of your list, but you would be incorrect. According to the Medscape National Physician Burnout & Depression Report 2018, compensation was fifth on the list of ... Read More
Successful Culture Assessment
A good company culture can be the difference between recruiting and keeping the best healthcare professionals and a constant recruiting struggle. This infographic guide outlines the 10 steps to take for a successful assessment. Download 10 steps for a Successful Culture Assessment Identify sponsor and/or culture project team Executive team defines the leadership practice critical for achieving the mission Select ... Read More
reviewing the physician recruitment checklist
The growing demand for affordable primary care, especially among underserved patient populations, has fueled the need for innovative solutions to the most pressing health care issues. National Health Centers Week raises awareness about the mission and accomplishments of America’s health centers to reach beyond the walls of conventional medicine and provide quality health care in the context of the individual, ... Read More
Put the Flame Out on Physician Burnout
Summer is in full swing with backyard barbecues, kids splashing in the pool, and friends and family are gathered around the yard chatting about last night’s little league game.  Laughter fills the air until you turn towards the grill to find smoke billowing out the sides.  Oh no, the burgers are flaming out, and you were too distracted to notice ... Read More
State of Addiction: How Healthcare Leaders and Physicians Can Address Georgia’s New Measures
Across the United States, opioid overdoses led to 42,249 deaths in 2016,[i] a toll that could rise to nearly 500,000 deaths over the next decade.[ii] On a state-by-state basis, legislatures and healthcare organizations are grappling with emerging social issues around pain management, including the use of medical marijuana and the tragic consequences of addiction to opioid medications. In Georgia alone, ... Read More
Balancing Compensation and Culture
Balancing Compensation and Culture for the Right Fit is a look into compensation trends, quality of practice, quality of life, practice location, and how they contribute to culture and fit. Download Download How to Use Social Media for Physician Recruitment Embracing social and digital media as a core strategy in recruiting physicians and other healthcare professionals has become central to recruitment ... Read More
Recent surveys are showing a growing shift toward value-based incentives as a component of discretionary compensation, but production in the form of work RVUs are still the most prevalent salary factor.  To review, Relative Value Units (RVUs) are based on a scale originally designed to determine reimbursements from Medicare and/or Medicaid. RVUs represent a calculation of the effort expended by ... Read More
Physician Recruitment and Retention Practices That Work
We take a hard look at how technology, company culture, and team roles can influence physician recruitment and retention practices. We discuss how technology can help with recruitment, what physician turnover can do to your bottom line, when retention should be a priority, and much more. You're invited to download the entire 49 slide presentation by clicking the download button ... Read More
achieve physician recruitment success
This presentation demonstrates how you can achieve physician recruitment success by leveraging 4 trends we have identified. We invite you to get in touch with our physician recruitment experts if you have any further questions. Download How to Bend Key Trends for Physician Recruitment Success Workforce Trends The Physician Shortage ranks in the top three concerns for hospital CEOs Each ... Read More
Physician Trends - Practice Environment
Physician recruitment relies on the ability of recruiters to make a connection. Successfully connecting with a candidate requires really understanding who that candidate is on a day-to-day basis and the challenges they face. To learn more about what a physician's practice environment looks like, download the infographic below: Physician Trends - Practice Environment. Download Physician Trends - Practice Environment 81% ... Read More
Recruit Physician to Rural Communities
It’s challenging to successfully recruit physicians and even harder for rural communities. Let’s look at the current state of physician recruitment, address some of the challenges rural communities face, and dive into how you can improve your recruitment process. Physician Shortage The Association of American Medical Colleges states the projected physician shortfall by 2030 is between 40,800 and 104,900. One ... Read More
Selling Your In-Person Healthcare Organization Brand
In our continuing series on Healthcare Organization Brand Management, it is time to turn our attention to the importance of having your brand on display during face-to-face interactions with potential physician hires, suppliers, corporate partners, and most importantly the patients receiving care. As discussed in our previous post, your online presence has to support your brand in every aspect.  At ... Read More
physician trends - social media
We live in a connected world where the effort required to communicate with someone has fallen causing the frequency and volume of communication to rise significantly. To effectively reach physicians it's import to understand how they network and what platforms they use to stay connected. Learn more about physician networking by reviewing the infographic below: Physician Trends - Social Media ... Read More
Digital Healthcare Organization Brand
Our last post regarding the importance of developing a brand for your healthcare organization identified what factors to consider when developing how you want the community and potential employees to view your system. Your brand will be the first thing a potential physician hire knows about your organization, and that fact should never be taken for granted when enhancing your ... Read More
Healthcare Organization Brand Management
Healthcare organizations are facing complex challenges as the industry transforms under a number of market forces.  Adapting to the rise of consumerism, retail competition, tighter staffing markets, uncertain legislation, and value-based payment models keep administrators up at night.  Now, more than ever, healthcare organization brand management should be utilized to face these challenges. Your brand represents an idea. It is ... Read More
Physician Trends Supply and Demand
The most discussed trends in healthcare are the current and looming staffing shortages. How big the shortage is, what can be done about it, and who will be affected are all being debated at water coolers across the country. Get caught up on this hot topic by reviewing the infographic below: Physician Trends - Supply and Demand. Download Physician Trends ... Read More
Social Media for Physician Recruitment
Download our White Paper covering Social Media for Physician Recruitment for insight into how physicians use social media and how hospital and healthcare leaders and recruiters can use these channels to reach them in a meaningful way. Download Physician Workforce through 2030: Social Media for Physician Recruitment By Tony Stajduhar, President, Jackson Physician Search The physician shortage continues to rank among ... Read More
Why Match Day Matters
Amid the fanfare of balloons, school mascots, cheers and tears, thousands of medical school students and graduates experienced life-changing news on Match Day 2018.Social media was flooded with #MatchDay2018 tweets, videos and memes, as medical schools across the country held ceremonies and special events to reveal residency program matches, based on medical students’ top specialty program choices. Clearly, it matters a ... Read More
Physician Recruiter Consulting with Physician Hiring Manager
As competition to fill physician vacancies escalates, the leaders of healthcare systems, hospitals, and clinics feel a growing sense of urgency to “just find the docs” to fill them, instead of focusing on hiring physicians that will fit, succeed, and stay.  In fact, a recent study by the American College of Physician Executives places the shortage of primary care physicians ... Read More
Differentiators to Recruit Physicians
In today’s ultra-competitive environment for recruiting and retaining physicians, many hospitals and healthcare systems have slowly come to the realization that it is about more than money. Compensation will always play a role in a candidate’s choice of a job, but surveys show that other factors are increasingly important to physician engagement and satisfaction. Knowing them can help you establish ... Read More
Rural Recruitment and Retention Playbook
Download this Rural Recruitment and Retention Playbook for insight on the state of the industry as well as trends in rural physician recruitment, emerging strategies for recruitment into rural communities, and examples of optimized recruitment and retention outcomes. Please reach out to us directly for more personalized consultation into your unique community. Download Rural Recruitment and Retention Playbook Rural Recruitment Playbook Outline State ... Read More
Year of Transparency
Outlook. According to Merriam Webster, the word has nuanced meaning.  It can be “a point of view” or “a prospect for the future.”  Charging headlong into 2018, you may first think in terms of the future: What can we count on to remain constant next year?  What changes do we expect?  What will utterly shock us in 2018? The truth ... Read More
Utilizing Metrics and KPIs for More Successful Recruiting
Healthcare is an outcomes-driven industry. However, many organizations lack a structured method and accountability for measuring efficiency, successful recruiting, and return on investment for recruitment of physicians and other healthcare professionals. As a result, there is no formalized process to continuously improve and maximize results. This presentation focuses on best practices and benchmarks when it comes to recruitment metrics and key performance indicators ... Read More
Physician Trends Telemedicine
The global telemedicine market is projected to expand by 14.3% by 2020. View or [download] our latest physician trends infographic - Physician Trends 3 Telemedicine, to see how physicians and the telemedicine industry are impacting healthcare. Download Physician Trends Telemedicine Telemedicine Growth The global telemedicine market is projected to expand by 14.3%. - Source: Nathaniel Lacktman, Esq. Healthcare Partner Foley ... Read More
Physician Recruitment and Revenue
Did you know that physician recruitment and revenue are closely related? Download our presentation on how to connect physician recruitment, retention, and revenue for a full-scale review of the current physician recruitment landscape as well as a pointed direction on how to improve recruitment to improve revenue. Download Connecting Physician Recruitment, Retention and Revenue Physician Supply and Demand Projected physician ... Read More
Social Media Physician Recruitment
Embracing social and digital media as a core strategy in recruiting physicians and other healthcare professionals has become central to recruitment success. But leveraging social media successfully requires both a keen understanding of the candidate pool and proficiency in social media to engage with them.  This presentation will review nationwide trends as well as explore what hospital administrators and recruiters ... Read More
discussing physician benefits with a recruiter
Whether you are recruiting physicians to a metropolitan area, where they can choose among plenty of practice opportunities, or to an underserved area, it’s important to think both strategically and creatively about what your organization can offer to recruit physicians who will fit. As you map out your physician recruiting strategy, think of your total package as you might a ... Read More
IMG physicians
The scarcity of physicians practicing in rural and underserved urban areas has reached crisis proportions for many communities across the United States. Primary care and psychiatry are among the most challenging specialties to place, which means that basic, unmet health needs escalate into more complex, costly conditions and poor quality of life for millions of Americans. Read on to see ... Read More
Case Study: Physician Recruiting Success
Peak Vista Community Health Centers, a 26-clinic Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), serves over 90,000 patients in Colorado's Pikes Peak and East Central regions. Keeping the candidate pipeline full had been challenging, especially for their rural and remote communities. Stiff competition with others offering higher compensation makes it mission-critical to recruit physician candidates who fit and thrive there. Please review ... Read More
Physician Networking Trends
Download our infographic about recent trends in Physician Networking. Download Physician Networking 31% of healthcare professionals use social media for professional networking - Source: MedTech Media 61% of physicians scanned social media for medical information at least weekly - Source: 2012 study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research 46% contributed information to social media on at least a weekly ... Read More
community health centers are the key to community health
National Health Center Week celebrates and raises awareness for the mission and accomplishments of America’s health centers. Community Health Centers are the key to community health and represent a great opportunity in America’s healthcare system, serving more than 25 million Americans, a number that continues to grow along with the demand for affordable primary care. They not only prevent illness ... Read More
personal recruitment will ease physician shortage
The conversation around the physician shortage is often about the numbers and the complexity of meeting the needs of a patient population that is growing faster than – and is aging along with – the physician workforce. You can be prepared for the future by expanding your understanding of new and effective recruiting tactics, like how personal recruitment can ease ... Read More
physician engagement
Physician engagement is a critical, though often overlooked, component of hospital health and culture.  In fact, The Advisory Board reports that 3 in 5 physicians do not feel engaged with their current employer.  Download our comprehensive infographic to get a better understanding of the physician engagement landscape and learn how to better engage your physician team. Download Physician Engagement Physician ... Read More
Physician shortage
The conversation around the physician shortage is often about “the numbers,” and the complexity of meeting the needs of a patient population that is growing faster than – and aging with – the physician workforce. When the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) issued their most recent projection of a shortage of between 40,800 and 104,900 physicians by 2030, they aptly titled ... Read More
physician workforce
The physician workforce shortage creates a competitive recruitment marketplace. This white paper offers practical advice on what to do today to focus your recruitment strategy for long-term success. Download Physician Workforce through 2030: Get Ahead of the Recruitment Curve There's been heavy discourse the last few years about the growing physician shortage in the United States. Based on a recent ... Read More
Sustainable growth requires recruitment and retention strategies, programs and tools that work. When leadership and recruiting teams make recruiting a priority, the return on investment is measurable! Download Recruitment. Retention. Revenue. Critical Success Factors for Growth and ROI What Best Practices Drive Return on Your Investment in Recruiting Physicians Investing in best practices makes "dollars and sense," when $1 million ... Read More
physician shortage affects the healthcare industry
As rural health care markets experience the impact of a physician shortage, it is important to look at available data to understand how the physician shortage affects the healthcare industry as a whole. Results from recent large-scale surveys conducted by Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (ASPR) and Doximity shed light on industry trends and the impact on recruitment of physicians ... Read More
Art and Science of Recruiting
How can a hospital effectively recruit and retain top physicians and advanced practice providers? As revealed in this case study, Canton-Potsdam Hospital does it by embracing the Art and Science of Recruiting. Download Effective Physician Recruitment and Retention Requires Both Art and Science What is Driving Innovations in Recruiting 75% of physicians use smartphone and tablets for professional purposes. 5 years ... Read More
effective physician recruitment
Need to build a better recruitment process? Learn the best practices to master effective physician recruitment using the art of building strong relationships and the science of deploying effective recruitment tools. Download Art or Science? Effective Physician Recruitment and Retention Requires Both Innovative Recruiting Best Practices 6 tips to winning top physician talent in a highly competitive market Draft a winning ... Read More
effective physician recruitment strategy
An effective physician recruitment strategy embraces both the science of systems, technology and data as well as the art of building relationships, engaging your internal team, and delivering a superior experience to candidates. The Art of Relationships Engage your team. The key to success of every recruitment program is the support of a highly engaged hospital CEO and senior leadership ... Read More
what to avoid when recruiting physicians
For every month it takes to fill an open physician job, thousands of dollars in potential revenue may be lost. For instance, average annual revenue for an internal medicine doctor of $823,900 equates to more than $68,650 in lost revenue per month while you’re waiting for a new internist. Keep reading to learn what to avoid when recruiting physicians so you ... Read More
practice insights from the future of medicine
Healthcare and the practice of medicine are topics that rank high on the list for news coverage. From the rapid advance of pharmaceuticals and medical technology, to the growing physician shortage and politics of access to healthcare, the 24-hour news cycle keeps the controversy and concerns around affordable healthcare at the forefront. But, taking a step back to see the ... Read More
residency match
First, the good news: A record number of graduating medical students get their residency match this year, with 35,969 U.S. and international medical school students and graduates vying for 31,757 positions. The number of available first-year (PGY-1) positions rose to 28,849, which exceeded 2016 by 989 first-year positions, according to the National Resident Matching Program® (NRMP.) Yet, the good news is ... Read More
Physician Recruitment Success
In a competitive physician recruitment environment, how do some organizations consistently outperform all others? Learn how to recruit faster, more efficiently, and at less cost with these three smart moves for physician recruitment success. Download In a competitive physician recruitment environment, how do some organization consistently outperform all others? Learn how to recruit faster, more efficiently and at less cost. Recruit ... Read More
2016 physician trends
Understanding the key trends affecting physicians and hospitals is critical to finding solutions. This leading healthcare industry study covering 2016 physician trends includes insights and “vital statistics” on topics ranging from physician engagement, trends in telemedicine, regulatory impact, compensation and reimbursement and more. Download 2016 Physician Trends Topics we will cover. Physician Engagement Physician Networking Telemedicine Supply and Demand Regulatory ... Read More
physician engagement gap
Physician alignment and satisfaction are critical to recruitment and retention. This study identifies a significant physician engagement gap and challenges the assumption that employing physicians is the only solution to clinical alignment. Download The Physician Engagement Gap Physicians aren't as aligned as executives think (and what executives can do about it). Jackson Healthcare sought to explore the current state of ... Read More
physician practice acquisitions
Explore the driving forces behind hospitals’ strategies to build aligned networks in primary care and key specialties, the motivations of doctors to sell their practices, and the shared challenges of integration in this white paper about physician practice acquisitions. Download Physician Practice Acquisitions Which Physician Practices Hospitals are Acquiring and Why With phyisican practice acquisitions on the rise, Jack Healthcare ... Read More
passive physician candidates
Jackson Physician Search- Physicians are in high demand, and their time is at a premium. So it’s no surprise that even active candidates attempt to stay under the radar. They prefer to remain insulated and virtually undetectable by most recruiters. And with job boards advertising as many as 40,000 postings in Family Medicine alone, searching a database is daunting to ... Read More