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Our blog is for physicians and advanced practitioners whether you're searching for a new job or not. You'll find articles on topics such as career advice, compensation insight, how to deal with burnout, and more.

The Job You Want May Not Be the One You Need

Choosing a smaller community to have a bigger impact
We’ve recently worked with a physician who thought it was time to make a move from a small rural community setting into a large metro area.  By working with a recruiter at Jackson Physician Search, he found a position that met all of his personal and professional needs.  Here is ... Read More

Gift Yourself a New Job This Holiday Season

Gift Yourself a New Job
The holidays are here, and 2019 is around the corner. You suddenly realize that the job search you vowed to start early is now behind schedule.  Don’t panic! You still have time to start your holiday job search — Just use our guide and the holiday calendar to plan, prioritize and set deadlines for ... Read More

Five Ways Physicians Can Improve Their Job Satisfaction

Physicians Can Improve Their Job Satisfaction
Is your career as a physician becoming less satisfying?  Ranked as one of the most trusted professions, some doctors today are not feeling the love.  According to a 2018 Medscape survey, more than 50% of doctors are feeling the negative impacts of a stressful working environment.  If you are one ... Read More
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2019 Physician Job Search Outlook

2019 Physician Job Search Outlook
Let’s look at the 2019 Physician Job Search Outlook.  With 2019 right around the corner, is it the perfect time to start planning to change jobs, retire early, get out of private practice, etc.? Here are several things for doctors to consider for 2019. Escape From the City We all ... Read More
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Five Reasons Why Doctors Search For a New Job

5 Reasons Why Doctors Search for a New Jobs
If you pay any attention at all to the stock market or financial news, you already know that the economy is booming and the outlook for jobs is better than it has been in decades.  The same can be said for physicians, as the healthcare industry is grappling with filling ... Read More

JPS Recruiters Live: Optimizing for Your Children’s Education

choosing education the right shcools
You can watch the recording of this installment of JPS Recruiters Live on our Facebook Page. (10 mins.) Often, we get asked by doctors that are looking to relocate for help with assessing schools and school districts. We know that the education of their children is very important to them ... Read More
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Keeping up with the Dr. Joneses… and Other Ways to Sabotage Your Physician Job Search

Physician Job Search
As an in-demand physician, the chances are pretty good that you have plenty of opportunities to consider when and if you are in the market for a new practice opportunity.  There is much more to think about when comparing opportunities than just base salary.  If you are experiencing feelings of ... Read More
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Read Between the Lines to Understand the 2018 Physician Compensation Surveys

2018 Physician Compensation Surveys
Each year, a variety of physician salary surveys are published with varying degrees of detail and context. Charts and tables deliver a wealth of information, but you need to read between the lines to understand how each report defines compensation and the larger trends driving it. Here is a brief ... Read More

Take Time to Assess Your Surroundings During Your On-Site Interview

Physician at an On-Site Interview
With competition for your services as a physician being so fierce, healthcare organizations are increasingly looking for individuals who fit their culture in addition to having the necessary skills to succeed.While administrators are going out of their way to attract and hire doctors who are a good fit, it is ... Read More
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How To Advance Your Physician Career With a New Job

Advance Your Physician Career with a New Job
As you look to advance your physician career with a new job, the most important question you must ask yourself is why are you considering a change?  Your reasons will drive how you approach your job search and help you make the best decision when evaluating opportunities.Physicians and Advanced Practice ... Read More
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What Physicians Can Do to Avoid Burnout

How Physician Can Avoid Burnout
We have all experienced feelings of burnout at different points in our career, being overwhelmed, depressed, and other negative reactions to our work.  For our nation’s physicians, according to recent surveys, these feelings of burnout are pervasive and seemingly getting worse.  In fact, in a 2018 Medscape report, almost half ... Read More

How to Make Your Next Physician Practice Feel like a Vacation

How to Make Your Next Physician Practice Feel like a Vacation
If that headline grabbed your attention, it’s likely that you are either on vacation or wish you were! By definition, vacation is the time you spend on travel or recreation - away from work. So, how is it possible to make your next physician practice feel like a vacation?If you ... Read More
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Pros and Cons of Physician Compensation Models

Pros and Cons of Physician Compensation Models
While the business of healthcare grows increasingly complex, fortunately, physician compensation models have generally become less complicated over time.  Even though there are still many different payment models in use, physician compensation structures are easier to manage and understand then they were in the past.  Physician payment models will never be ... Read More

JPS Recruiters Live: Deciphering Physician Compensation

Physician Compensation
You can watch the recording of JPS Recruiters Live: Deciphering Physician Compensation on our Facebook page. (24 mins.) If you are considering a job change or already interviewing, we can help you understand your compensation options. When to Ask About Compensation It’s important to know when to talk about compensation ... Read More

Career Paths for Physicians

Career Paths for Physicians
In the past, when students graduated with their medical degree, they applied for their medical license and began a long career of seeing patients.  Today, for most physicians their main focus is patient care but many physicians are starting to look at other ways they can apply their skills and ... Read More
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JPS Recruiters Live: The Benefits of Physicians Going Country

Physicians Going Country
You can watch the recording of JPS Recruiters Live: The Benefits of Physicians Going Country on our Facebook page. (11 mins.)Benefits of a Rural PracticeThere are three main benefits of practicing in a rural area: an elevated skill set, quality of life, and compensation. Even though you probably haven’t considered ... Read More
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Solving the Physician Work-Life Balance Equation

Physician Work-Life Balance
You graduated from medical school and often spend your days solving complex medical riddles. However, there is one riddle that many physicians are unable to solve, and it is hurting their career. Solving the physician work-life balance equation is one of the greatest challenges faced by medical professionals today. A ... Read More
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Selling Your In-Person Physician Brand

In-Person Physician Brand
In our previous entry in this series of articles about the importance of branding, we covered all of the tools and techniques that physicians can use to create and promote a personal brand online.  It is important to recognize now that you have meticulously crafted your brand, and promoted it ... Read More
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Selling Your Digital Physician Brand

Selling Your Digital Physician Brand
In the first post in our physician branding series, we talked about how to define your brand.  The brand that represents who you are as a physician and a person. Now that your brand is clearly defined, it is incumbent upon you to make sure your digital physician brand supports ... Read More
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Defining Your Physician Brand

Defining Your Physician Brand
Your physician brand is not only how you market yourself to potential employers, but also how you are perceived by colleagues, industry partners, and even patients.  When considering how to define who you are as a doctor, it is important to consider all of these “customers” and how your unique ... Read More
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6 Ways Physicians Can Reinvigorate Their Career

How physicians can reinvigorate their career
Do you remember the first day of your first job as a practicing physician? As you reflect on the distance you’ve traveled from “Dr. New” to the physician you are today, it’s a good time to discover how physicians can reinvigorate their career and continue to chart your satisfying journey ... Read More
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Significance of Doctor’s Day

Significance of Doctor's Day
The significance of Doctor’s Day is a chance to bring much-deserved attention to some of the wonderful physicians that we have had the pleasure of getting to know. We are proud to work with doctors every day knowing they’ll go on to make such a meaningful impact on the lives ... Read More
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Record Number of Med Students Celebrate Match Day 2018

Celebrate Match Day 2018
For many students across the country, this is going to be a big weekend. In addition to St. Patrick's Day festivities, over 30,000 medical students will also celebrate Match Day 2018. Congratulations to all the medical school graduates who just learned where they will spend the next several years training at ... Read More
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Relocation Tips under the New Tax Law

Relocation Tips under the New Tax Law
In case you hadn't heard, the new tax law eliminates the tax deduction for moving expenses and other job costs such as license and regulatory fees, required medical tests, and unreimbursed continuing education.  The following relocation tips will help make sure you have a great moving experience under the new tax law. If ... Read More

How to Ignite Your Career with a Physician Recruiter

Physician Recruiter and Team
Not every job search is created equal.  For many professions, a job search can be as comprehensive as visiting a job board (or five) and submitting your resume to the postings that match your qualifications.  For new physicians, or those who have not been in the job market for a ... Read More

Personalized Compensation Reports with New Physician Salary Calculator

Personalized Compensation Reports with New Physician Salary Calculator
According to a recent MMS Survey, 69% of physicians say the most important factors when making a decision about a new job opportunity are location and, not surprisingly, compensation. After you have prioritized your need for a satisfying medical practice, working with colleagues you respect and living in a community ... Read More

Understanding Physician Compensation Models and Methods

Physician Compensation Models
Today’s physician compensation models are like the healthcare industry: highly dynamic and complicated. Many doctors find it challenging to assess how the compensation package of their first job will align with their personal and professional priorities. Let’s review some of the approaches involved in compensation packages. Value-based Measures. As the healthcare ... Read More

Avoid the Resident’s First Job Curse

Avoid the Resident's First Job Curse
As a resident entering your final year of training, logic may lead you to believe that the high demand and limited supply of physicians will make it easier for you to find your first job whenever you start looking. But with literally thousands of options available, the opposite is true ... Read More
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Resident’s Job Prep Guide: Countdown to Landing the Right One

residents job prep
Resident’s Job Preparation Guide: Countdown to Landing the Right OneYou’ve been working hard through medical school and residency. The culmination of your lifelong dream and years of hard work is fast approaching – with yet another challenge: finding your first job as a practicing physician and laying the foundation for ... Read More

Why the “Worst” Location Might be Better for Your Practice

determining physician practice location
The old real estate adage “Location, Location, Location” also applies to your choice of location for practicing medicine. But, when deciding your practice location, the places that come to mind first may not end up being the best for your career. There are many factors that contribute to finding the ... Read More
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Ask How You Will Earn… Before How Much

Physician Compensation
If you are looking for your first practice opportunity or simply looking for your next practice opportunity, your top considerations are likely to be location and practice setting, both of which influence your compensation.  But, one thing you may not think to consider upfront is how you will earn that ... Read More

Celebrating the Place Where Medicine and Miracles Happen

where medicine and miracles happen
National Hospital Week celebrates America’s hospitals, a place where medicine and miracles happen, as well as the women and men who support the health and well-being of their communities through dedication and compassionate care. We want to take this time to highlight a few of our #hospitalheroes that truly exemplify ... Read More
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Spring into Action: A (Doable) Job Search Timeline for Residents

job search timeline for residents
For new physicians, who often have little background in the business of medicine, starting a career will be a challenge. From sifting through thousands of job openings, identifying your job priorities and requirements, applying and interviewing for your top picks, and, finally, successfully negotiating a contract -- finding your dream ... Read More
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Admiring the Rockstars of Medicine on National Doctor’s Day

rockstars of medicine
“I get to be a doctor!” That was the first, celebratory thought to enter Skyler Dahlseng’s mind when he recently learned the good news of his residency match. A fourth-year medical student at A.T. Still University, Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in Missouri, Skyler joined some 30,000 other aspiring doctors ... Read More
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The Magic of Match Day

Match Day
Is matching to a residency program the luck of the draw or luck of the Irish? St. Patrick’s Day coincides with Match Day for the National Resident Matching Program® (NRMP®) 2017 Main Residency Match®. Celebrations will ensue as thousands of medical school students and graduates in the United States and ... Read More

Confused by Complicated Compensation Models?

compensation models
As you complete training and prepare to enter your first medical practice opportunity, questions about compensation will begin to rise to the top of your list of concerns. Compensation models in medicine can be complicated and confusing. Not only are there many variables, but the hiring organization must also follow ... Read More
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Compensation Concerns? Top Three Questions to Ask

Physician Compensation Concerns Questions to Ask
Jackson Physician Search- Compensation models in medicine can be complicated and confusing. So whether you are a new physician emerging from training, or making a change after years in practice, you share a common concern: What should I expect to earn in my new practice? While a myriad of factors ... Read More

In Your Job Search, Think “Location” Last: Really?

physician job location
Jackson Physician Search - Historically we have been taught to think that location is everything; how many times have you heard the expression, “Location, Location, Location”? But location should be one of the last factors to consider in your job search. You read that right: location last. Why? Because “location” ... Read More
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Jackson Physician Search: New Name. Winning Culture.

our new name is Jackson Physician Search
ATLANTA (PRWEB) - Jackson Physician Search announced its ranking as one of the top 15 Best Places to Work in Healthcare, as revealed at Modern Healthcare's annual awards dinner, held October 6th in New Orleans. Company representatives marked the occasion as a double celebration of being a first-time honoree and ... Read More